Fire Emblem Fates

The Fire Emblem series has been on a bit of a roll lately. The series’ latest entry, or pair of entries I should say, is Fire Emblem Fates. The title consists of two versions, Birthright and Conquest, and they’re cleaning up as far as critical acclaim goes. Nintendo is proud to tout the news, of course, within a new trailer to celebrate its North American launch.

The new trailer begins by showcasing some impressive review scores for Fire Emblem Fates. We then transition over to some of the game’s prettier cut scenes with supportive box quotes from some of the big name sites out there. The whole plot of the tactical role-playing game is that you are “born to one royal family, raised by another.” The question is: “with the two kingdoms at war, which side will you choose?” The trailer does a good job of exploiting this dilemma, which is appropriate seeing as it’s the central focus of both Fire Emblem Birthright and Conquest.

Both Birthright and Conquest are considerably different in their narrative and gameplay structure. While the base game is similar, they are vastly unique experiences. Also, Fire Emblem Fates Revelation is the 3rd and final version to this entry in the series. Revelation will hit the Nintendo 3DS in March and will conclude the trio’s story. Checkout the new launch trailer below and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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