Fire Emblem Heroes

The Fire Emblem Direct was only 19 minutes in total. But over half of that time was spent focused on Nintendo’s next mobile offering for smart phones: Fire Emblem Heroes.

“Thrown Down the Gauntlet Anytime, Anywhere.”

The narrator of the Direct, Yuri Lowenthal (Ricken of Fire Emblem Awakening), broke the gist of the game down for us: “In this tactical RPG, you’ll wage strategic battles in the fantasy world of Fire Emblem and level up beloved series characters as you thrown down the gauntlet anytime, anywhere. And you’re in luck – you’ve been summoned to battle.”

Fire Emblem Heroes features a “brand new, original story.” It goes like this:

“Fate has brought two warring kingdoms together in a bitter clash. The Emblian Empire plans to conquer every world it collides with. While the Astran Kingdom stands against them, determined to end their terror. Now, the kingdom of Asker faces total destruction. As a summoner, you must call upon Fire Emblem heroes from throughout history to unite as one army.

You’ll encounter a mix of new combatants and legendary heroes. Some will become your allies, while other will become enemy generals and take arms against you. It’s an epic quest in the palm of your hand.”

The game is based upon maps structured around an 8×6 grid. Dragging allies overtop enemies will instigate attacks. Or, just like previous Fire Emblem titles, just move your character to a designated spot and then decide what to do from there. Clear every enemy from the map you’re on, and victory is yours.

“While the controls are simple, many challenging maps will require you to take full advantage of your terrain and plan your moves carefully to achieve victory. Fire Emblem fans will find the battle intensity they’ve come to expect from the series.”

Each hero will have attributes to differential themselves. Much like previous games, red can best green, green can best blue, and blue can best red. As you play and clear maps, you’ll acquire orbs. Said orbs can then be used to summon new heroes to align with. You can also get more orbs via the game’s in-app purchases. And it does appear as though perma-death isn’t something you should be fearing for your characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

“It’s an epic quest in the palm of your hand.”

Characters you summon can be found at various levels. Win battles with them and you can level them up to make them stronger. Also, you can recruit opposing factions to your side once you’ve defeated them in battle. Outside of the main mode, the mobile game features a Training Tower, Seasonal Events and Arena Duels. It looks like a hell of a package.

This go around, Nintendo is releasing their mobile offering on Android devices first. Fire Emblem Heroes launches in the Google Play store on February 2nd. Just like Super Mario Run, the game is a free download with in-app purchases. The title is coming to iOS “soon.” Checkout all the gameplay from Fire Emblem Heroes yourself from the Direct video below.

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