Fire Emblem Warriors

When Fire Emblem Warriors was revealed during the Nintendo Switch event, we got nothing really but a title screen. Today however, we got a tidbit of news – and some gameplay!

We Should Have Seen This One Coming…

The big news coming out of the gate is that Fire Emblem Warriors is coming out for Nintendo 3DS in addition to the already announced Switch version. We probably should have see that coming seeing as how Hyrule Warriors did exactly the same thing. However, Hyrule Warriors was clearly the inferior version. So let’s hope the same fate doesn’t fall upon the Fire Emblem edition.

We were also teased with a bit of gameplay in a new trailer today. It wasn’t much, but we got to see one of the series’ main protagonists, Marth, wreck some real havoc. If you’ve seen Hyrule Warriors gameplay, the title looks just as you would expect it too.

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch version will be releasing later this Fall. Checkout the new footage below.


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