Injustice 2 - Firestorm

The Injustice 2 character reveals are coming at essentially a weekly basis now. And that makes sense seeing as how the game is only two months from release. The hype train is indeed churning along nicely. Today, we’ve been introduced to our latest combatant – Firestorm.

Injustice 2 - FirestormFirestorm spends the majority of his minute and a half trailer beating the snot out of Green Arrow. There’s a bit a friendly banter between the two of them, and then all hell breaks loose. But curiously, the clip shifts to a battle between Catwoman and Firestorm at one point.

It takes place in the Batcave. I’m assuming that Catwoman has broken into Bruce’s lair, and Firestorm was there waiting. Being his trailer, Firestorm quickly handles the feminine feline. He grabs Selena and viciously tosses her into a wall, eventually breaking it and sending her through.

She land in a sewer system adjacent to the Batcave, and it’s here we get our 3rd character of the trailer. Killer Croc rises from the waters and viciously pummels Catwoman. He then throws back to Firestorm to finish her off.

So either Killer Croc is on Team Batman in Injustice 2 is and helping Firestorm to guard the Batcave. Or Batman has a random sewer connected to his secret hideout that houses one of his most famous of rivals. For story sake, I hope it’s the former.

Checkout Firestorm in action below. Injustice 2 lands on May 19th.

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