Microsoft and Comcept are working to ensure as many people visit Far Eden as possible. The latter announced on the former’s website today that the first 30 minutes of the recently released ReCore will be playable free of charge.

There’s No Time Like the Present to Visit Far Eden.

The free trial experience will hopefully bring more folks into the world that Joule and her Corebot pals inhabit. Here’s the announcement from the ReCore team:

“We’re excited to let you know that, starting today, anyone who hasn’t yet had the opportunity to play ReCore can now experience their first 30 minutes of the game in a free trial version on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Players will meet Joule, her Corebot companion Mack, and begin their adventure in the beautiful and mysterious world of Far Eden.”

Should you enjoy your time in Far Eden, you can then purchase the full game at $39.99 and pickup right where your trial version left off. All of the achievements you’ve collected along the way will remain intact as well.

ReCore - Free 30 Minute Preview

This free trial conveniently comes shortly after a heavy update landed for the game. The update targeted potentially game-breaking bugs, cut down on some long load times, and gave ReCore a general quality of life upheaval.

If you ever had any interest in the game, now is certainly the time to give it a go. Just click here and download ReCore to your Xbox One or PC and see if the world of Far Eden is for you.

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