Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

With just seven months until the movie’s arrival, we’ve finally got our first good look at Spider-Man Homecoming. And it came courtesy of two pretty different trailers released within the same evening.

“Don’t Mess with Me. Because I Will Kill You – And Everybody You Love…”

We were first treated to a trailer thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. This is the U.S. trailer, and it focuses pretty heavily on Peter Parker’s school and daily life. Sure, we get to see Michael Keaton as The Vulture, but it feels a bit subdued as a whole.

While it’s good, it just felt like there should have been more. Here’s the U.S. trailer:

Luckily, more came in the form of the shortly thereafter released International trailer. This is what we were hoping for. The International trailer gives us less of the quirky high school antics and more of the Spider-Man we know and love. Seeing both the U.S. and International trailers, it gives off a feel that Marvel and Sony will give us a perfect blend of the two as the full film that is Spider-Man Homecoming.

This second trailer gives us a few more shots of Keaton’s Vulture. As well as better looks at non-costumed versions of Shocker and The Tinkerer. It appears as though the trio are in cahoots, with Vulture being our lead. The quote above “don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you – and everybody you love”, looks to be Keaton talking to his underlings in a car. It’s likely those two are Shocker and The Tinkerer.

Each of the villains employ a purplish plasma laser weapon of sorts. Towards the end of the trailer, The Vulture appears to have upgraded his as he utilizes it to cut an entire cruise ship in half. Spider-Man, calling back to previous franchise attempts, pulls of a heroic “hold it together” with webs moment.

The Vulture looks pretty bad ass. Nothing really gimmicky going on. He appears to just be heavily teched out, with his flight suit and wings seemingly heavily inspired by the Green Goblin glider of old. Who knows, maybe Osborne may be involved with this flight contraption? Regardless, it’s pretty obvious why Tony Stark tells Parker “forget the flying monster guy. There are people who handle this sort of thing.” Stark doesn’t think Peter is ready for this kind of action yet. Which Parker naturally, as a teenager, rebels.

Spider-Man Homecoming is looking pretty good! Checkout the International trailer just below. The movie releases in July.

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