Really, the above title says it all. And that’s all that the headlines are going to read today. Because that’s exactly what Decksplash is. It’s Splatoon meets Tony Hawk. And it couldn’t be any more amazing for it.

“Do You Love Skateboard? But Hate People? Say No More!”

Decksplash is coming to us courtesy of Bossa Studios. The same team that gave us quirky outings like I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. But “for the first time in a Bossa game we give you GENUINELY responsive controls! Yes, you heard it right, in this game we want you to grind your deck and not your teeth!”

In the game, you’ll control your board through skate park themed turf-war action. In which, you “chain combos, create tricks, build up your shockwave meter, drop score zones, study the opposition and dominate the arena.” Bossa describes it as “fast and frantic 3 vs 3 arcade-multiplayer turf-war action.” To get the job done, “spin, grind, and splash your deck as you battle your opponents to cover the skate park with your paint!” And obviously, “if your team’s paint has covered more of the arena’s territory by the end of the match than your opponents, you’ve won!”

There’s not much else we have on the game at this point. But Bossa Studios did announce an alpha play test is opening. Head to the game’s website here if you’re interested.

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