Cloud - Super Smash Bros

Who the hell saw that coming? I mean, I expected a Super Smash Bros. character reveal. King K. Rool, or dare I hope for Ridley? If we’re talking third-party I thought there was a decent shot at a Simon Belmont sighting. But I did not see Cloud coming. That’s right folks, if you missed it, Cloud Strike of Final Fantasy VII fame is our next challenger approaching.

The news capped the end of the recent Nintendo Direct. Cloud got a pretty lengthy trailer that showcased a good deal of his move set. As per usual with Sakurai’s character trailers, it was a good mix of comedy, move set insight and nostalgia nods. We even got a glimpse of Cloud’s final smash, his potent Omnislash, as well as Cloud’s own stage which features a multitude of character’s from Final Fantasy VII in the form of stage hazards.

Cloud Stage - Super Smash Bros.
Cloud’s Stage – Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo didn’t disclose when Cloud would be available for Super Smash Bros., or at what price, but they did announce that a “Super Smash Bros. Special Broadcast” is coming next month. I think it’s safe to assume that Sakurai will reveal who are our next combatants are at that point and maybe even release Cloud right around there too.

Oh, and Chocobo outfits are apparently on the way too. So there’s that.

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