Rocket League - Starbase ARC

Courtesy of The Game Awards, Psyonix just dropped the goods on their next free update for Rocket League.

“In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream…”

Psyonix, apparently big fans of the science fiction genre, are taking our Battle Cars to outer space. The next update, entitled Starbase ARC, gives us a free map that’s entitled just that. The developers describe the map as “an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that orbits a huge (but familiar) desert planet where epic space battles are waged in the background and hulking celestial bodies drift about in the vastness of outer space.”

Also in the Starbase ARC update will be a new addition to the premium cars library. For $1.99, fans can sign the title and throw the Vulcan into their garages. The car “comes complete with animated wings and a sleek, futuristic look.”

Psyonix is also ready to roll out Customized Training for Rocket League with this update. Inspired by fantastic fan mods on PC, Psyonix will have these heavily customizable training options available for all systems when the update drops next month. They promise subsequent updates to the Customized Training down the line as well.

There are more goodies come our way too. Arena preferences are being enabled. Meaning, after matches, you can tell the game whether you prefer or don’t prefer certain arenas. Champion Series IV Crates are being shipped out. Free Community Flags and Holiday Items are rolling out. And Psyonix is also giving away free redesigns on some of Rocket League’s original content thanks to the Holidays. Oh, and if you’re color blind, Psyonix is implementing a mode for that too.

It’s a wonderful time to be a Rocket League fan! The Starbase ARC update rolls out December 7th free of charge. We’ll see you on the pitch.

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