Someone at Microsoft must really be a pool shark. The company revealed its Games with Gold line up for the month of June and something looks pretty familiar… For the third month straight, Pool Nation FX is one of the free games available for download on Xbox One. Rack ’em!

Also available for Xbox One is Massive Chalice. The title is a Kickstarter backed turn-based strategy game developed by Double Fine Productions. It launched on Steam Early Access back in November and is now making its way to Xbox One via Games with Gold.

Xbox One Games with Gold
June’s Games with Gold for Xbox One

On the Xbox 360 side of things our options get a little meatier. Just Cause 2 starts the month off and runs through June 15th. The game garnered quite the buzz when it released back 2010. Square Enix’s effort earned them an 81 average on Metacritic with giving it a 100.

The Games with Gold promotion for the latter half of the month has last year’s Thief becoming a freebie. Another Square Enix title, this one didn’t fare quite as well as its counterpart, only earning a mediocre 5.3 as its Metacritic User Score. There were only 3 official reviews of the Xbox 360 version, and thus, no official Metascore. Thief lands as a free Games with Gold download on June 16th and its promotion ends on June 30th.

Xbox 360 Games with Gold
June’s Games with Gold for Xbox 360

You can head here for the official announcement which includes links for each title. And remember, you can “purchase” these free titles even if you don’t intend of downloading them immediately. They are then yours for good. If you don’t own an Xbox One but intend to, be sure to “purchase” those titles as well. You’ll be building your library before even owning the console.

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