Battlefield 1

Well, the Gamescom goodies are beginning to roll in. And first up – a brand spanking new trailer for Battlefield 1.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

Set to the perfectly matched tune of Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down, the latest Battlefield 1 trailer is nothing but edge of your seat action. We’ve got tanks. We’ve got horses. We’ve got jeeps. We’ve got planes. We’ve got…LOCOMOTIVES!? Hell yeah!

The action is all over the map – literally. So much is going on within the battles in this trailer that it’s any wonder anyone has any idea what their actually supposed to be going. My favorite scene is probably the player looking on as a plane buzzes over top, and in front of him a jeep and horsed rider cross paths. While looking on at that, a quick turn right proves death inescapable. A train has somehow snuck up on our unsuspecting player and rolls him to swift death.

Also announced today is news of the game’s Open Beta. It begins on August 31st. If you head here you can get a bit more information and to sign up, but to do so you’ll have to sign up to be a Battlefield 1 “insider”. I believe all it requires is just an email sign up.

This is the action and calamity that the Battlefield series is best renowned for. If Dice can nail this formula and balance it out properly, this new look for the series could prove to be a juggernaut. We shall see. Battlefield 1 hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 21st. Checkout the epic new trailer just below.

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