Mafia III

“The Mafia took so much from so many in its rise to power in New Bordeaux. When Lincoln Clay came back from Vietnam, his family was all he had. One night would change it all.” Thus is the crux of Mafia III. And today’s new Gamescom trailer shows us how it all begins.

“This Isn’t Just Money. This Is Freedom.”

In what we have to assume is a mission from early in the game, the latest Mafia III trailer shows our protagonist, Lincoln Clay, taking down the Federal Reserve. He’s paired with a pal of his from the Italian Mafia, and if you’ve been following this game at all, you know this isn’t a good thing.

The robbery goes well. Sure, shots go off and bodies go down, but our dynamic duo make it out alive. After the genius idea of using Marti Gras as an escape route, the robbery crew gets away into the night. Then, during the meet up to spread out the dough, the real drama begins…

It’s yet another excellent trailer to come out of the Mafia III camp. Hype is begging to hit some pretty high levels for this game. We’re less than two months out now, as Mafia III will be launching on October 7th. Checkout the latest Gamescom trailer just below.

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