resident evil

During PlayStation’s E3 conference this past June, the newest eerie addition to the Resident Evil franchise was unveiled. The Resident Evil 7 trailer brought us back to its original horror roots (finally) and soon after its reveal, PS Plus members were given the opportunity to experience it firsthand in the Beginning Hour demo.

To be honest, the demo kind of gave me the heebie jeebies, but I absolutely loved it.

Resident Evil 7 takes place in Dulvey, Louisiana. Naturally, something is a bit off-kilter regarding Jack and Marguerite Baker, who haven’t been heard from in quite sometime. While sauntering around in an “abandoned” home in the Beginning Hour demo, players supposedly get a glimpse of Jack Baker.

But where is Marguerite?

In the newest gameplay demo, a mysterious young woman is recording a message for Ethan, who we haven’t been introduced to. She then states that she “can’t let her catch her again,” as a woman carrying a lantern begins to trail her. Low and behold, Marguerite Baker. It is confirmed that though the young woman is the main focus of this segment, she will not be the main character of Resident Evil 7. Could it possibly be this “Ethan” character? What exactly does Marguerite Baker want with this young girl?

Check out the newest nerve-racking gameplay trailer below, and stay tuned for more news regarding Resident Evil 7.

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