With ReCore launching on Xbox One and PC in less than a month, Gamescom is really the last major spotlight to get the game some final recognition. Therefore, Xbox’s YouTube channel took it upon themselves to issue a brand new gameplay trailer for the game.

“Survival Starts in the Core”

There have been mixed impressions as far as ReCore goes. There are some pretty quotes within the trailer. IGN cited it as “a delightful surprise” and GameSpot touts it as “the Mega Man successor you’ve been looking for.” Take that Mighty No. 9. But really, those quotes mean next to nothing without proper context. And until we get the game in our hands on September 13th, we won’t have any.

It does look fun though. You can see the Mega Man influences in this current trailer. The D-Pad displays the multiple Corebots that you can control. And those Corebots are likely pulled (literally as it looks from the trailer) directly from the boss enemies you take out. The platforming looks solid and the action intense. I for one am quite looking forward to ReCore next month.

Checkout the Gamescom trailer just below. ReCore launches at a cheaper price point of $39.99 in just 4 weeks.

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