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Gamescom 2017 Preview


Gamescom 2017, Europe’s largest gaming conference, kicks off on Sunday August 20th in Cologne, Germany. We have taken a look at the potential announcements, stream times, & rumours ahead of the 9th annual Gamescom conference.

Xbox Conference – Sunday 20th August
  • UK: 8pm
  • Europe: 9pm
  • US East Coast: 3pm
  • US West Coast: 12 noon

We aren’t expecting anything huge from Microsoft at Gamescom 2017, most of their major announcements were revealed at E3 earlier this year. However, Microsoft could have a few tricks up their sleeve.

We are almost guaranteed updates/trailers for Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3 & Sea of Thieves. We can also expect to find out the pre-order numbers for the Xbox One X. The question on every Xbox One owners lips could also be answered during this conference. When will PLAYERUNKOWNS Battlegrounds be released?

Although not yet confirmed, we can take an educated guess that the release of PUBG will coincide with the release of the Xbox One X. Battlegrounds is the type of game that will sell consoles, so we can expect Microsoft to take full advantage of the incredibly popular battle royal hit.

A second Xbox conference will take place at the exact same time on Monday, with Microsoft teasing that they’ll be “sharing some exciting news that Age of Empires fans will not want to miss.”

EA Conference – Monday 21st August
  • UK: 5:30pm
  • Europe: 6:30pm
  • US East Coast: 12:30pm
  • US West Coast: 9:30am

EA treated us at E3, but they’ve kept their cards pretty close to their chest since then. We can expect more details about FIFA 18‘s  Team, Journey Mode & Nintendo Switch edition, as well as updates for NHL 18 & Madden NFL 18.

And let’s not forget about Star Wars Battlefront 2, which made its debut at E3 earlier this year. We have been promised our first look at the all-new space battles included in this years edition of the Battlefront series, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we also get a preview of some kind of Battlefront 2 collectors edition.

Also expect updates on Need for Speed: Payback & Battlefield 1‘s latest DLC: In The Name of The Tsar.

Blizzard Conference – Wednesday 23rd August
  • UK: 5pm
  • Europe: 6pm
  • US East Coast: 12 noon
  • US West Coast: 9am

Blizzard always bring their A-game to Gamescom, and Gamescom 2017 is shaping up to be no different. We can expect updates on World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 & Starcraft 2.

We can expect a brand new map & animated short to be revealed for Overwatch, whilst new features will be unveiled for Hearthstone & Starcraft 2. Wow fans can also look forward to a run through a dungeon from the latest World of Warcraft patch. Add to that some hand on time with Diablo 3 & a brand new Heroes of the Storm hero, Blizzard could once again walk away as kings of Gamescom.

Nintendo Conferences – Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th August

Super Mario Odyssey Conference:

  • UK: 2pm
  • Europe: 3pm
  • US East Coast: 9am
  • US West Coast: 6am

Metroid: Samus Returns Conference

  • UK: 11am
  • Europe: 12 noon
  • US East Coast: 6am
  • US West Coast: 3am

Nintendo have a plethora of games to showcase during their two spots at Gamescom 2017, but most of their effort will be put into showcasing their next two AAA titles. Super Mario Odyssey & Metroid: Samus Returns get their own dedicated conferences, whilst fans can also play games such as Pokken Tournament DX, Mario & Rabbids Kindgom Battle, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Sega & Monster Hunter Stories will all be playable on the games floor.

Nintendo could choose to hold back on Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon news until later in the year, but don’t be surprised if they sneak in a short trailer to wet the lips of eager pokemon fans.

eSports at Gamescom 2017

Gamescom 2017 boasts  lineup of eSports action, including the first ever PUBG LAN Invitational. 80 of the most prominent players on PUBG scene will battle it out for their share of the $350,000 prize money.

There will also be action from classic eSports games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Rainbow Six: Seige, FIFA 17 & Rocket League. The ESL Arena will showcase the best eSports has to offer to over 350,000 fans across the 5 day event, keep an eye out on Twitch, Facebook and Youtube for live streams of your favourite events.

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