Gang Beasts online play

Online play has finally come to Gang Beasts, but it isn’t quite ready for prime time yet. Players who want to play developer Boneloaf’s hit multiplayer party game online will want to participate in the game’s multiplayer beta. While it isn’t publicly available yet, Steam users can request a key over at a distribute() site that Boneloaf has set up.

Online multiplayer is expected to be patched into the full game once the beta testing is over. Currently the beta only includes three different levels. That’s a fraction of what is in the full game, but more stages and modes will be added in subsequent updates. Higher server capacity will also be implemented as the mode progresses.

The online play is made possible due to Boneloaf teaming up with developer Coatsink, who is also handling Gang Beasts‘ upcoming VR support.  Coatsink CEO Tom Bearsmore was excited about getting to work on the promising Early Access title. “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Boneloaf on this project throughout, and now we’re really excited to help bring online multiplayer to Gang Beasts,” said Beardsmore. “Not only is it a natural progression for the game, but we know the community has been clamoring for it – and it always feels good to be able to deliver something that players really want.”

Meanwhile Boneloaf’s James Brown was excited that the party game is finally getting one of the most desired features. One that the studio was able to provide before. “We are frequently asked to implement support for online multiplayer game modes in Gang Beasts but couldn’t commit to publicly testing online support without securing the necessary infrastructure and technical resources,” said James Brown. “With Coatsink’s support and the support of platform holders, we are now in a position to extend our internal play testing to the Steam community.”

Gang Beasts is available now on Steam for $19.99 and is currently in Early Access. The party game is also in development for PlayStation 4, and that version is being published by Double Fine Productions.

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