It seems when actor Gary Busey isn’t trying to sell us an Amazon Fire Stick, he’s up to no good and must be stopped.

Today, Square Enix has announced that Gary Busey will be the next Elusive Target in Hitman. The new contract, called “The Wildcard,” will be available for seven full days starting on July 21 at 5 a.m. PT.

Busey Time

So, how did this strange elusive target come about? Well, Busey was the winner in a community vote between himself and actor Gary Cole to be the next contract target. What’s interesting to note is that the contract will be available for much longer than previous Elusive Targets, which were limited to a 48-hour window of time.

Hitman continues to roll out a plethora of content, which also includes two bonus episodes set to come out this summer. On top of that, a new mobile companion app was recently released for the game, providing players with updated details about Elusive Targets and other contracts.

Hitman has turned out to be a phenomenal game, and one brimming with content. Have you guys gotten a chance to check it out? If so, are your ready to take out Gary Busey later this week? Le us know below.