Gears of War 4

Those that purchased the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition have likely been knee deep in the Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta since April 18th. The rest of us won’t get access until Monday, April 25th when the beta opens up to the mass public. Until then – we get this spiffy new trailer.

The “Versus Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer” shows off exactly what we’re missing. There’s a lot that’s new here. New abilities like the Vault Kick and Yank allow you to get to opposing forces behind nearby cover much more easily this go around. There’s a bunch of new execution kills that will make many squeamish. And new weapons like the Buzzkill and Drop Shot will make your head explode – quite literally.

There is also “Glory” to collect as you go from match to match. These include characters, weapon skins, emblems and additional XP. New maps are being introduced, of course. The multiplayer beta trailer lists Dam, Foundation, and Harbor as three, with “more” coming.

Dodgeball is a new mode coming to Gears of War 4 multiplayer. The Coalition describes it as “the ultimate Gears clutch mode.” There’s also Co-Op Versus that allows you to “join other players to challenge the A.I.” and Escalation which focuses on “tactical intensifying action and weapon placement.” Of course, 5 of our “fan favorites” return as well in; Team Death Match, King of the Hill, Guardian, Warzone and Execution.

The Coalition touts 60 FPS, dedicated servers and Gears of War 4 being LAN ready. I guess the majority of us will have to see what all the hype is about beginning next week. The beta runs through May 1st and then we’ll have to wait until Gears of War 4 launches on October 11th to jump back in after that.

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