We’re back at it again with another code giveaway and this time it’s for Q*bert REBOOTED.

 After a long hiatus, Q*Bert is returning. LOOT Interactive are publishing GPC Games’ reboot of this smashing little puzzler on Xbox One. Not only will you get an updated version of this arcade classic, but there will also be a faithful reproduction of the original title. 

Tyler Treese wrote in his review, “It was a simple idea in 1982, and it’s incredibly dull by today’s standards. There isn’t much of a puzzle element to the game, although sometimes a twist will be added such as colors changing every time you touch them instead of stopping at the desired question. The core idea, though, hasn’t evolved in over 30 years.”

We have 2 Xbox One codes available for fans who want to play one of the best platformers on Xbox One. The game released on Feb 19th. To sum up, follow the accounts below, and tweet. Codes will be distributed by the end of next week.

Q*bert REBOOTED Xbox One Code Giveaway

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