Horror fans can rejoice as Frédérick Raynal’s next game is coming to consoles. The legendary Alone in the Dark creator announced that his new stealth-horror adventure game, 2Dark, will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The 2016 release, developed by his new studio Gloomywood, was previously announced for PC and Mac.

The game puts the player into the shoes of Mr. Smith, a man who is trying to save missing children from dangerous serial killers. “Ever since Alone in the Dark I‘m following the evolution of survival horror,” said director Frédérick Raynal. “With 2Dark I wanted to break with the genre’s traditions so I thought, what is more frightening than risking your own life? Risking the life of your children, of course.”

You can find out more about 2Dark in the newly released trailer, which goes over the horror title’s creative vision:

Gloomywood also revealed that a console version of 2Dark wasn’t originally in the plans. Raynal explained the change of plans in a statement. “Thanks to the outpouring of community support and enthusiasm, we decided to also bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” said the former Infogrames director. He was also excited that “fans can enjoy [the game] on their favorite platform” thanks to the decision.

2Dark is the first survival horror game directed by Frédérick Raynal since he released Alone in the Dark in 1992. Frédérick left Infogrames a year later, before Alone in the Dark 2 released, due to disputes over the direction of the highly anticipated sequel. Alone in the Dark 2 ended up being poorly received by both fans and critics, and Raynal went on to co-found Adeline Software with other former Infogrames employees.

It’s exciting to see such a designer go back to his roots, and that’s exactly what Frédérick Raynal is doing with 2Dark. Stay tuned to Victory Point for more information on the stealth-horror title as its 2016 release nears.

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