I’m not gonna lie, when I saw this…I didn’t know what to say. But of course what do you say about  Goat Simulator anyway?…Well a lot. It’s stupid, it’s buggy, and it’s somewhat dumbfounding that a game that was intentionally bad got popular in the first place. So obviously it makes sense for Coffee Stain Studios to release another piece of DLC to expand on the stupid nature of Goat Sim.

It’s almost like Coffee Stain Studios wondered aloud, ‘how do we make this dumb game better?’ Answer, make it dumber. And dumber it did get.

So in Goat Z or…GoatZ (not sure if it’s spaced or not, maybe it was intentional.) As far as I can tell, is a spoof version of the popular Day Z, in where you play as a zombie goat, that can shoot guns, kill other zombies and people, and even…craft stuff…

Yes Dwayne I’m serious.

Honestly there isn’t much to say other than it came the heck out of nowhere, and even though I feel this is completely unnecessary and is obvious youtuber bait, with all that said…I’m gonna get it. Why…I guess you can say I embraced the stupid, and I’m okay with that…and I’m not okay with that.

The content is currently $4.99 or your regional equivalent. Check out the video below before you decide to purchase it, it may please you, it may leave you dumbfounded, either way, I don’t feel either decision is the wrong one to make.


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