Grand Kingdom

MonoChro’s tactical role-playing game Grand Kingdom will come with four additional campaigns. The game’s publisher NIS America made the announcement today that what was paid DLC for the PlayStation 4 and Vita release in Japan will in fact be free for those who pick up the game June 21.

The Four Great Nations DLC features four separate 9 chapter campaigns, and each focus on a separate nation. That’s not the only downloadable content that will come free of charge, though, as the game’s five additional classes will also be included with the base game. This includes the Valkyrie, Archer, Noble, Paladin and Dark Knight classes, which were all paid DLC in the game’s Japanese release.

You can check out a trailer for upcoming DLC characters below:

NIS America also took this opportunity to announce that the PlayStation 4 version Grand Kingdom is available to pre-order now both in North America and Europe. Those that want to pre-order will get an exclusive PS4 theme based on the RPG, four Charm Scrolls that can be used to customize their characters, and a 10% discount. That means instead of being $44.99, it’ll only cost $40.49 right now.

Grand Kingdom launches June 21 for PlayStation 4 and Vita. The tactical role-playing game features cross-platform play, so PS4 players will be able to compete against Vita players and vice-versa. It recently underwent a successful closed beta in May.

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