Grand Theft Auto Online - Sanctus

Grand Theft Auto Online, perennially in the holiday spirits, has some trick and treats for us beginning later this week.

Halloween Content And Easy Cash Coming Our Way

Some of the action starts today in the streets of Los Santos. As the gorgeous looking Pegassi Vortex hits shops in the area. Rockstar coins it as a “sophisticated two-wheeled monster. Lean and lightweight, the Vortex is a versatile beast designed to suit every occasion.” You can find it at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Have a gander:

Grand Theft Auto Online - Pegassi Vortex

Friday, however, is when the real fun begins. Beginning the 28th through November 7th, new rides and modes are available to Grand Theft Auto Online players. The Sanctus bike is a cool looking Halloween themed ride. “With its eerie skull-studded design, the Sanctus is a dread-inducing piece of machinery, guaranteed to strike fear into passersby on your next midnight ride.”

Grand Theft Auto Online - Sanctus

Also coming is a new mode entitled Lost vs Damned. It consists of “a classic battle between the forces of good and evil, as hordes of Devils and hosts of Angels battle it out for the right to rule.” It does get a bit more complicated than that though. Rockstar implemented day and night cycles into this versus mode every 60 seconds. While in Day mode, the Angels will have the upper hand with better armor, health and weapon drops. But during Night cycles, that edge goes to the Damned.

If you missed out on years prior Halloween themed events, some of those bonuses will be hitting store shelves so you get yourself an extra chance at them. Also, to celebrate Grand Theft Auto Online‘s three year anniversary, Rockstar is giving away straight cash homey:

“To commemorate three years of GTA Online, we’re awarding anyone that logs in on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC from today through end of day Monday October 31st with a special GTA$250,000 gift, which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account by November 4th.”

There will also be deals available on weapons, vehicles and fan-favorite items since the initial 2013 Beach Bum update. Login and check it out folks. If for nothing else than the slick ¼ million in cash.

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