Harmonix has finally broken radio silence. We knew the first big update to Rock Band 4 was coming our way around December. Now we know what it is and exactly when it will be here.

Daniel Sussman, Harmonix’s Product Manager, broke the news today. The update will be coming on December 8th so mark your calendars. The free update will include a few substantial additions to Rock Band 4, including a suite of score challenge features.

Players will now get in-game notifications when things change on the leaderboards. The second your score is jumped you’ll be notified. On the flip side, the moment you pass a friend’s score in the midst of a song an indicator will pop up letting you know you’ve been victorious. There will also be an activity feed to keep you updated and taunt options that you can send to their activity feed.

Calibration is also being improved for Rock Band 4, to the delight of many. Harmonix warns that everyone is going to have to recalibrate their plastic peripherals now that the new system is in place though. Variable Breakneck Speed is being implemented too, allowing players the option to speed up tracks up to 2.5x for the first time in the Rockband franchise.

Rockband 4
Struggling with those kick drums? You can turn them off with the new December 8th update.

For the hardcore, Full Combos are now being recognized within the game. Full Combos is defined as a perfect streak with no notes missed or additional strums/hits from start to finish. It’s how you deem your worthiness amidst the Rock Band elite. Sussman says that “the game will now celebrate and track your FC success, and a subtle new in-song indicator will allow you to know if you’re still on track for an FC or if you’ve broken your streak. We also now indicate FC runs on the leaderboards.”

Harmonix is also promising more song result details, player stats, and new customization items within the Rock Shop. Oh, and plenty of bug fixes. They’ve also implemented Auto-Kick mode for drummers into the Accessibility features. This will automatically hit the kick drum notes for people with disabilities, those that don’t like it, or for those that have broken the damn thing.

The new Rock Band 4 update hits on December 8th, you can checkout their blog with all the information here. Harmonix says they have more in-store for us than just the above. We’ll find out more as we get closer to next month’s download.

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