Hearthstone will expanded its ever-growing collection of cards in early April with the new expansion titled Blackrock Mountain Adventure. It will introduce 31 cards, 13 of these cards will be neutral and 19 of them will correspond to a class in the game (one or two for each of the nine classes). Not only do you get new cards, but music and a board game.

There will be cards with a variety of names and effects some with the likes of the Volcanic Drake that has the special effect of costing 1 less crystal to cast for every minion that has died that turn or the Blackwing Technician that has the effect of gaining a +1 attack and defense counter for every dragon you hold. The theme of Blackrock Mountain Adventure is centered heavily the dragons and fire as you battle through a total of five wings and 17 bosses to unlock cards and add them to you collection. The first wing of this adventure is dubbed Blackrock Depths and Blizzard already released the names of the bosses the first one being Grim Guzzler.

Blackrock Depths, which is the first wing of the adventure, will be available for purchase on April 2. Bundle pricing is offered with various choices being all five wings being $24.99 all the way to a single wing being priced at $6.99. You also have the choice to by any number in between. For more information such as card listing and card pictures as well as the specific pricing go to the official website page for Blackrock Mountain at to learn more. I hope to see you all at the tables.

Source: Blizzard