Hearthstone Has Come to Phones!


Earlier Today Blizzard announced that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the immensely popular digital trading card game, is now available on both Android and Apple phones. Hearthstone has been out for a little over a year now on PC and Mac, with iPad and Android Tablet releases soon following. Now the game is truly everywhere! Blizzard has completely reworked the UI in order to fit the game onto smaller screens. Your account is connect to all other versions through battle.net so any progress made on your phone connects to your computers and tablets. Also finishing one game on your phone will reward you with a free classic pack so what are you waiting for!

User interface
A game of Hearthstone on your phone!



Rumours of the impending release were wide spread but few expected it to be released this quickly. This is especially true as Blizzard is currently mid-way through releasing its Blackrock Mountain content. It remains to be seen how well this version will work or how it may affect the meta as people are incentivized to play faster decks because they are on the go. So, you better prepare yourself for more face hunter. Either way it seems likely that the user base will grow and Hearthstone will become even more popular.

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  • I know very little about Warcraft as a whole, but downloaded this last night to give it a whirl because I had heard so much about it. Never really given card battle games a shot before, but I’m really digging it so far! Very clean design, runs well, and the difficulty seems spot on. I started out having no idea what I was doing, but Blizzard expertly held my hand and pulled me along but kept it from feeling too easy at the same time. I’m a couple hours in and have yet to feel like the game wants me to put money into it. I’m sure that time will come, but at that point I may actually want to. Great job, Blizzard. I recommend the free download if you don’t already have it for other devices. Or even if you do – they sync up apparently.