Hearthstone’s New Expansion ‘The Grand Tournament’ Announced


Today during a live event Blizzard announced Hearthstone’s newest expansion ‘The Grand Tournament.’ This expansion is of the card variety with 130 new cards set to be released. Blizzard previewed a few of them to give fans a taste of what’s in store. The expansion also features a brand new ‘Inspire’ mechanic. Cards with this mechanic have their effect triggered when the player uses their hero power. The expansion is inspired by World of Warcraft‘s ‘Argent Tournament’. Below is the trailer for the expansion.

Besides the new cards Blizzard showed off a new game board that will be added to the rotation upon the expansion’s release. No official release date has yet to be announced but it will arrive next month. Next week you will also be able to pre-order 50 packs at a dollar per pack. This comes with a special card back.

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