NBA Playgrounds

Revealed with just a simple hype trailer a few weeks ago, no one really knows what NBA Playgrounds looks like in action. Today, however, Matthew Karch of Saber Interactive showcased that game to see first-hand what’s headed our way next month.

More Than Just an NBA Jam Reskin

One of the major differences between NBA Playgrounds and NBA Jam is the newly implemented Lottery Pick system. You can see it briefly in the new trailer below, but essentially it just boils down to rewards you can utilize during a game. Here’s Karch’s breakdown:

“Pour in enough buckets, and your team will get to spin the Lottery Pick wheel for a short term bonus. Bonuses include super speed shoes, 12 inches of extra height on dunks, a glowing blue ball that increases your shot percentage, and a 2x 3-pointer. Another cool aspect of the Lottery Pick system is that it makes you think twice about pushing down your opponent on defense, as you lose your lottery bar momentum. It’s playground rules, but playing a cleaner game can bring you some good karma.”

The general passing, shooting, and defensive controls sound similar enough to NBA Jam. But NBA Playgrounds is also touting a new upgrade system for the in-game players. When you win games, you earn reward packs that contain new and retired NBA players. The more you stick with a set team, the more you’ll build their XP, and eventually help to unlock some new moves for them.

NBA Playgrounds releases in just about a month. Time to work on that jumper.

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