Hey! Pikmin

Nintendo dropped a fresh Direct for us yesterday evening. While it primarily focused on ARMS and Splatoon 2, it did have a few other news items. First up was the announcement of a release date for the now titled, Hey! Pikmin.

Why Isn’t This a Switch Title?

Nintendo, I guess understandably, isn’t willing to just walk about from the Nintendo 3DS and its millions upon millions of users. Thus, Hey! Pikmin is launching on the 3DS as opposed to their much newer and more exciting portable, the Switch.

The Direct only highlighted the game for about a minute, but they did give us a release date: July 28th. We’ll likely get much more on this portable Pikmin during E3. But one thing I am curious about is whether the name means anything. Could Hey! Pikmin follow Hey You Pikachu! and utilize the 3DS’ microphone as a core game mechanic? Probably not. But I suppose we’ll find out in June.

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