Prey - History of TranStar

When Prey was announced at E3, Bethesda and Arkane Studios made it pretty clear that the game would be a reboot. The slate was being wiped clear. Nothing from 3D Realms’ initial outing would be coming over. So, what exactly is the new Prey about then? Luckily, Bethesda has a new “leaked” clip to tell you just that.

Let’s Experiment on Some Aliens! This Should Go Well!

The clip issued by Bethesda today is pretty awesome. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s a fun three minutes that proves both informative and intriguing. The clip “was leaked from an anonymous source inside Talos I”, says the intro. Conspiracies – we’re already off to a good start. It then goes on to explain how the Russian’s launched the Vorona satellite into orbit in 1958. It later malfunctioned. Turns out – aliens.

After sitting on the information for a couple of years, the Soviets reached out to the United States for help containing the looming threat. President Kennedy agreed. In 1963 the duo launched the Kletka program. Essentially this was just a device to contain the alien threat aboard the Vorona satellite. It went well, until…

1963, President Kennedy has an assassination attempt on his life – which fails. Prey takes place in an alternate history timeline. The “now emboldened” Kennedy seizes control of the Kletka program and the Vorona satellite with it. Over the next two decades the United States would evolve the Vorona satellite into a fully functioning R&D facility.

Of course, the aliens – labeled Typhon – escaped and killed everyone aboard the facility in 1998. However in 2030, the TranStar Corporation acquired the station. They then transformed it into Talos I as we know it within Prey. Of course something goes wrong once again with the Typhon once again, and thus, we have a video game…

Checkout the well done clip below. Prey hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year.

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