While we knew that Hitman GO: Definitive Edition was coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita thanks to an announcement at 2015’s PlayStation Experience, we now know when to expect it. Square Enix’s wildly popular mobile spin-off of the Hitman franchise will release on February 23 on both PlayStation platforms, and Steam.

Not only will players get the hit mobile game, but they’ll also receive all of the additional downloadable content that was released later. You can check out the game in action in the launch trailer, that we’ve embedded below.

Priced at $7.99, Hitman GO: Definitive Edition will feature 91 puzzles in total. The PlayStation versions of the puzzle game support both cross-play and cross-save meaning Vita owners can continue their game on the go, and then play it on the big screen when they’re home. Oh, and there is a platinum trophy for those that love their digital trinkets.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions will support two different control methods. On PS4, the DualShock 4’s touchpad can be used to replicate touch controls. Likewise, PlayStation Vita owners will be able to use the system’s touchscreen to play it like the iOS original. If players want a more traditional control scheme, though, they can use analog sticks and buttons. It’s truly the best of both worlds by offering multiple ways to go.

Steam owners won’t be left out, though, as they get a bevy of exclusive features as well. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition will have collectible trading cards, Hitman emojis, wallpapers, cloud saves and achievements for PC gamers to unlock.

Whether it’s your first time giving it a spin, or you are back for more, you won’t have to wait long to play Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. The enhanced port arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam on February 23 for $7.99.

SOURCESquare Enix Blog
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