The Pokémon franchise has been putting out movies since 1998. The Pokémon Company, which releases an new entry every July in Japan without fail, will hit feature number 19 in a couple months. But those are all animated flicks. What about a ive action Pokémon movie? Well, Hollywood wants to know too.

The Hollywood Reporter has published a piece indicating that the Pokémon license is a hot commodity in the films industry at the moment. According to their article, “a top-secret auction for film rights to the Pokémon franchise is nearing completion.” The Reporter states that Legendary Entertainment are the front runners at this point, which could cause political issues seeing as how that company is owned by a group of Chinese backers. China and Japan (the Pokémon Company’s home) don’t exactly have the best of relations.

Warner Bros. is also said to be in play for the live action rights. Warner Bros. released the Pokémon series’ first foray onto the big screen with Pokémon: The First Movie. It’s also been mentioned that Sony has interest in the property as well.

Should anything further develop on the prospect of a live action Pokémon movie coming to Hollywood, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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