Remember the scene where Chewbacca on the millennium falcon in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope where he was playing a holographic chess game with monsters against C3PO? Well guess what, if you always wanted to play that game in Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, that game is currently in development in the form of HoloGridMonsterBattle, and the best part, it’s being co-developed by the same visual effects company, Tippet Studios, which did the visual effects for Star Wars.

It was announced to day by Tippet Studios alongside Happy Giant Studios, that they are currently in the works developing the Holochess inspired game for VR and AR devices, the game being described as a “Hybrid Board game, and Collectible Card Game(CCG)”.

Phil Tippet, the creator of Tippet Studios, is well known for his visual effects work on not only the Star Wars movies, but also Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, RoboCop, etc. From his own words in regards to what he is aiming for the project to be he said:

“For years I’ve been making monsters for Directors to play with, and now for the first time, I’m making monsters for YOU to play with, We’re excited about the new fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality, and to be working with our friends at HappyGiant to create HoloGrid: Monster Battle.”

Also the president of Happy Giant Studios, Mike Levine also stated:

“We’re incredibly excited and interested in new platforms like MagicLeap, HoloLens, CastAR, Meta and others, as well as current AR mobiletech such as Vuforia, We believes in the future of AR Gaming, and to be working with Phil Tippett and his studio on this project is a dream come true. The tech has finally caught up to the point where this game can be made.”

Another interesting aspect of the project that they talked about was the fact that they are using a process called Photogrammetry, to scan in Tippet’s physically made monster models to make 3d digital assets, to give that feel of authenticity:

“We’d been doing experiments with Photogrammetry, but more on museum level artifacts, At the same time we began exploring doing projects with Tippett, we had the idea, ‘What if we tried this on some creatures?’ The results blew us away. That’s really where this idea was born.”

Said Levine.

“And it’s the exact same technique we used on The Force Awakens,”

added Tippett.

The team also stated that the gameplay for Hologrid: Monster Battle will feature gameplay very similar to Magic: The Gathering, and Hearthstone, but using physical cards to trigger augmented reality monsters and a game board. The game will also be able to be played competitively both locally and remotely, offline play also being an option.

Overall it’s a very interesting prospect, and if you’ve always dreamed of having that authentic experience of playing Holochess like in Star Wars Episode 4, then this is a game to check out.

currently the game doesn’t have a release date, but a teaser trailer and some photos of what the game looks like are currently available and are down below for your viewing pleasure, as always stay tuned for more info, and as always, stay beautiful my friends.



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