Homefront: The Revolution

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are ready to show off a bit more of their upcoming Homefront: The Revolution. And that’s fitting seeing as how they’ve just announced the game is only a few months from release.

In Homefront: The Revolution, the year is 2029 and North Korea is occupying and in control of Philadelphia. There are three degrees of occupation in the North Korean run City of Brotherly Love. Green Zones are highly militarized, but less hostile as they are in full control of the North Korean military. The Red Zones are now just “war-ravaged wastelands” far beyond any hospitable life. Then, there are the Yellow Zones. Here, the American people are under heavy watch, and the “Nork” military is on high guard for potential uprising. This is where much of Homefront: The Revolution takes place.

The game’s latest trailer launched today and it shows just how life in these Yellow Zones plays out. It’s harsh and hostile – and the Americans are ready to revolt:

Deep Silver has also revealed that a closed beta will be taking place on Xbox One consoles. You can head here to get all the details and sign up. In addition to the beta, the publisher announced Homefront: The Revolution‘s release date. The game will be hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 20th.

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