For Honor

There are a lot of people who are pretty excited for Ubisoft’s For Honor. With just over a month before release, said publisher is ready to start working out the final kinks. Which is great for those fans as it means the announcement of closed beta dates in just a few weeks.

Master “The Art of Battle”.

For those uninitiated, For Honor has players choose from Knight, Samurai or Viking factions. Within each of those factions are four classes; Vanguard, Assassins, Heavies and Hybrids. Ubisoft touts them as being well balanced. But of course, after the closed beta, more balancing tweaks will certainly be in order.

Speaking of the closed beta – Ubisoft has announced the program will run from January 26th through January 29th on current generation consoles and PC. You can head to for signup details. During the beta, Ubisoft will host the “War of the Factions” event. Here’s the gist of that courtesy of Ubisoft’s press release:

“When the mighty Vikings, deadly Samurai and bold Knights finally collide on the battlefield, who will reign supreme? War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activities across all platforms from all players during the Closed Beta, and will reward players for fighting for their factions and honor the winning faction with additional rewards. The rewards will transfer to the full game and only be available to Closed Beta participants.”

Also released today was a slick new CG trailer for For Honor. It doesn’t do much – actually, it doesn’t do anything as far a game play is concerned. But it does give off an excellent vibe that you can expect from the game proper. For Honor releases in full on February 14th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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