Rocket League - Hot Wheels

In a collaboration that came be deemed with a “what took so long”, two car icons are finally teaming up. Rocket League and Hot Wheels are crossing paths.

A Perfect Match (Box)

Today’s new trailer quickly showcases the two Hot Wheels cars coming to the soccer-driving hybrid. The Bone Shaker is a retro looking ride with a high roof and exposed motor. The Twin Mill III is a more sleek looking sports car.

Each of the vehicles will come with their own sets of wheels as well as six exclusive decals. The decals are cool addition because most non-Psyonix created premium cars aren’t customizable with decals. The Batmobile and DeLorean come to mind. But hey, it’s Hot Wheels, they have to have flair!

Both of the new vehicles will be available for purchase as of February 21st. Checkout the showcasing trailer below.

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