…and by strange, I don’t mean bad of course. But out of all the crowdfunding campaigns I’ve seen for independently made games, I’ve seen weird, I’ve seen strange…but this is strange on a whole different level.

Hound project as it is being called, is the result of one man, Nick Shesterin, developing a game…which I honestly have a hard time describing…but I guess I’ll describe it as the creator did.

Hound project is a “Game, where advanced AI creates living organisms and manipulates evolution.” according to a description on the indiegogo campaign, and according from further descriptions on the main website and the campaign page, it is an open sandbox in where you create AI creatures and give it parameters in how it shall evolve, ranging from how the creatures look, feed, and evolve over time, but even that’s scratching the surface. The game also will be attempting to utilize advanced AI that will learn from the player and attempt to read your emotions, thought processes, and “Replicate and think, like humans”.

Nick also is attempting wit the help of indiegogo to also incorporate elements such as VR Integration, the ability to directly interact with the ai personally through the game and a Neurointerface to wire your brain to the game itself…and to make real robots based off of your creations in the game…

328While it seems like an ambitious project, after going through all the descriptions and what not, I honestly still can’t comprehend what this game will actually be like, which is a feeling I barely have had with most games in development…that being said, it’s still very early in development and there is currently a demo available on Nick Shesterin’s website, so you can get somewhat of an idea of what this game is, and if what I’ve described had piqued your interest, then swing by the Indiegogo page, and donate a couple bucks.

Currently as of this article the Indiegogo campaign in the course of a day has raised only $5 out of it’s $18,000 goal.

Update: Two days after the writing of this article, the Indiegogo campaign, for the second time by the way, was restarted on a new page. The reason sited was because the old page did not allow for credit card donations.

The campaign is currently now at $0 of the $18,000 goal.

You can view the new campaign page here.


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