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Hyperdrive Massacre Blasting Onto Steam October 12th


Hey you, you like cars? You like guns? You like space? You like cars that drive in space that shoot guns?

Well good news for you, as on October 12th, Hyperdrive Massacre will be launching on Steam! A “Couch Multiplayer Fragfest” according to developer 34BigThings, the game promises intense 4 player car fragging arcade shenanigans.

Cars with guns? I can dig it...can you?
Cars with guns? I can dig it…can you?

The game promises over 8 cars to choose from with up to 4 arenas from the start, but you can unlock 8 more cars and 4 more arenas to unlock through playing the game totaling up to 16 cars and 8 arenas. Players begin each match with a machine gun, but you can swap those out during the match with the various weapon pickups in the game, like shotguns, laser guns, energy spears, etc. with a total of over 10 weapon pickups in a match. The game also includes over 6 game modes from the ever present Death Match and Team Deathmatch, to other modes like Space Soccer, Death Race, Last Man Standing and Space Pong.

If this has you interested in any way, then go ahead and check out their website and steam page for more details.



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