Far Cry Primal

We got the reveal for Far Cry Primal nearly two months ago, but that trailer from Ubisoft didn’t really show much. The new trailer from The Video Game Awards though changes all that.

“In Far Cry Primal you play as Takkar, the last member of a tribe of seasoned hunters. In order to survive the Stone Age you must use every tool at your disposal. Tame the beasts you encounter and you may just become top of the food chain.”

The above is Ubisoft’s synopsis of the upcoming Far Cry title pulled off the latest trailer’s YouTube page. The new trailer really puts an emphasis on the “tame the beasts you encounter” portion, and it appears to be a significant mechanic in the game itself. We see Takkar take on sabertoothed tigers, wolves, bears, birds and even mammoths – and convert them from foes to allies. In Far Cry Primal, Takkar then uses those animal allies as hunting partners to take down his foes.

The mechanics look fantastic, but graphically Far Cry Primal still appears a little rough around the edges. There’s only a couple of months left until it’s February 23rd release date. Maybe Ubisoft can put on a final coat of paint before they roll Far Cry Primal out in a couple of months.

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