IndieCouch kickstarter logo

IndieCouch.Org is a Couch-Surfing initiative aimed toward smaller developers, creators, and indie enthusiasts who would like to visit game events and festivals while on a budget. As any other Couch-Surfing platform, it is based upon the idea of letting developers offer their couches to each other to minimize expenses while being able to widen their networks.

The company announced their intention to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise additional funds for the project. “The campaign is set to start on March 1st 2016, 1PM EST (10 AM PST, 7pm CET) and the goal is to raise 10000 USD to be mainly used to speed up the development process” the IndieCouch team said. Furthermore, a HeadTalker campaign has also been started and will be used to get the hype going until launch. Just like Thunderclap, HeadTalker will send out a message on social media from every supporter at once. The campaign can be found here.

“Although it is normally not a good idea to run a Kickstarter campaign during a big event such as GDC, we can use this to our advantage as our target group will be in one place” said the team behind IndieCouch, adding that one of their team members, Philomena, will be at the event to promote their campaign and to share additional information about the project.

Alessandro has been a gaming enthusiast since the age of five. Gaming his way through different platforms and their evolution, he acquired extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and the world surrounding it. He’s been covering the topic on different outlets, mainly focusing on Indie and smaller titles.