Injustice 2 - Brainiac Trailer

Well, it appears the time for petty spats is over. The Injustice 2 Shattered Alliances Part 5 trailer dropped this morning. And within it, the real threat of the game. Brainiac has arrived on Earth. And our heroes and villains are terrified.

“Earth’s Time is Up.”

The trailer begins with an invasion of Earth. Supergirl looks to the sky as foreign ships begin invading our skies – and she’s terrified. There’s quick cuts of the different factions watching the invasion begin, and everyone has the same look of shock and awe. Kara runs to Wonder Woman and pleads “we have to get Kal! Now!” Brainiac has arrived.

It doesn’t much matter though. As Brainiac has Kal in his sights already. “I seek the one you call Superman”, he says. Brainiac previously destroyed Krypton in this canon. Now that he knows Kal is still alive, he states that “Superman’s survival is an oversight I must correct.” It’s on.

Batman goes to Superman’s prison and begins inquiring about Brainiac. “You’re scared of him”, Bruce says. “How do I beat him?””You can’t”, Superman responds. It appears at this point the story the band is getting back together.

“Do you have a plan?” Superman asks Batman. “It’s a work in progress”, he responds. Let’s hope that it progresses quickly. The story of this game is looking more and more intriguing with each trailer. Luckily we’re less than month out from the Injustice 2 release.

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