Just Cause

Deadline is reporting that the Just Cause movie is moving right along with pre-production plans. Today, it looks as though the picture has nailed down its lead actor and director. And our lead? None other than Aquaman himself – Jason Momoa.

But the Real Question Remains – Will There Grappling Hooks?

On board to direct the film appears to be Brad Peyton. Peyton worked with Momoa closely in the past. The produced and directed the Netflix’s original series, Frontier, which Momoa starred in. He also worked with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in making the action film, San Andreas, a box office success.

The story of Just Cause looks to be sticking to the base line of the game series. Momoa will play Rico Rodriguez, an agent working for – wait for it – The Agency. But an official plot summary is still sealed. John Collee is working on finalizing the script.

20th Century Fox has signed on for worldwide distribution for everywhere outside of China. No timeline has been announced for the Just Cause premiere. However, it looks like the wheels are turning nicely so far on this one. Hopefully we’ll have more information on it soon.

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