ReCore - Launch Trailer

We’re less than two weeks out from the launch of ReCore. Apparently that’s close enough for Microsoft to release a launch trailer for the game. Hey, I’m not complaining!

“If Anyone Can, It’s You…”

The trailer gives us a bit of new footage including a closer look at what appears to be the core (see what I did there?) enemies of the game. At one point one of them robotically yells out “that core is mine” to Joule, so it appears those Cores are in high demand.

All throughout the footage a letter is being read to Joule from her Father. Here’s a transcription of what is seemingly his good-bye message:

“Dear Joule:

I don’t have to explain, but, things didn’t go like we planned. I left you with a few things to always hold onto.

Loyalty: You don’t have to watch your back if a friend always has it.

Elusiveness: Be the one who finds, never the one who is found.

And Brute Force: Sometimes the safest path is the destructive one.

It won’t be easy. If you remember these lessons you will survive. If anyone can, it’s you.

Love you always,


Microsoft’s description of the game’s latest trailer reads: “Waking on the world of Far Eden, Joule Adams finds she is not alone, but armed with both her father’s guiding words and a host of Corebot companions.” Pretty spot on. ReCore launches on Xbox One and PC courtesy of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative on September 13th.

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