Bavarium Sea Heist DLC

Avalanche Studios have wrapped up development on the third and final piece of DLC for Just Cause 3. Called the Bavarium Sea Heist, the add-on pack will be available for “Expansion Pass” owners tomorrow, August 11. Other players interested in checking out the expansion will have to wait for the public release a week later on August 18.

As the name of the new add-on would suggest, the new missions have a focus on water. Players will be tasked with liberating the coastal area of Scolio, which contains research stations and a military base called Stingray. Completing missions in the area will allow players to unlock a new vehicle, called the Loochador, which is a boat equipped with missile launchers and miniguns.

You can check out a brand new launch trailer for the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC below:

“Our aim with the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass was to completely alter the way players tackle the game and we’ve achieved just that,” said Marcus Andrews, Lead Designer of the Air, Land & Sea content at Avalanche Studios. “Each of the three packs of new tools allows the player to wreak havoc in fresh, creative, and unique ways that ensures both new and existing fans of Just Cause 3 will have hours of additional content and an enormous number of ways to approach any situation.”

The latest DLC will be available separately for $5.99, but can also be obtained by purchasing the “Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass” which contains all of Just Cause 3‘s add-ons. The latter option will cost players $24.99.

Just Cause 3, the third entry in Avalanche Studios’ open-world action game, released late last year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Since release three different expansions have been released, each focusing on a different area of combat (air, land or sea). These include the already released Sky Fortress and Mech Land Assault.

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