Just Cause 3 - Sky Fortress

It looks as though Rico Rodriguez is going to have a hell of a lot a fun with the first paid DLC pack coming to Just Cause 3. The Sky Fortress pack, coming next month, sees Mr. Rodriguez “become the master of the skies”.

Utilizing the “all new and fully armed Bavarium Wingsuit”, Rico takes to the air in The Sky Fortress to take down the evil Eden Corporation. “The Eden Corporation security detail is on its way to terminate you”, a female authoritative voice proclaims to Rico in the trailer. “I’m coming for you Eden”, Rico then replies. Then the action hits.

It’s pretty much rocket launchers and wingsuits from then on out. And boy-oh-boy does that Bavarium Wingsuit look like fun. The suit looks like a blast to control and your attached guns have combat poised to be a breeze. You see Rico in the below trailer dodging and weaving in mid-air while the Eden corporation attempts to shoot him out of the sky. We even get a barrel roll or two within the video.

The Sky Fortress is the first content rolling out from the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass. Square Enix hasn’t revealed a solid release date yet, only announcing it will be available in March for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. They also note that The Sky Fortress pack contains “new missions, challenges, the “Bavarium Splitter” assault rifle and a personal defense drone, all of which can be carried over into the main game.” If you purchase the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass, you’ll have access to The Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC a week early. Checkout the new trailer below to see just how good Rico’s new wingsuit looks.

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