Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Direct


In a recent Nintendo Direct, they showcased a variety of games and one caught my eye. it was a game announced back in June during the E3 conference it was only titled Kirby and seemed to be far off from releasing anytime soon for the Nintendo Switch. However, at the Nintendo direct they showed off more gameplay and gave a title and release period.

Dream Land?

It is now called Kirby Star Allies and is heavily co-op based either with a friend or with the computer. Every companion will have their own ability and will be able to help progress through the game in their own ways. We also get to see the boss battle against the whispy woods and how King Dedede will play a part in this game. In addition, Kirby Star Allies will be releasing sometime in spring, 2018. The trailer will be linked above if you want to learn more about the latest Kirby game.

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