Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro

If you’ve been out of the Hearthstone loop, now might just be the time to get back in. Today, Blizzard has released the biggest expansion for the game yet: the Journey to Un’Goro.

Time to Adventure Back into the Dawn of Time.

The Journey to Un’Goro update takes players into the “heart of this primeval land.” Blizzard is shuffling 135 new cards into the Hearthstone deck for a gameplay experience that changes everything that came before it. Here’s the synopsis:

Journey to Un’Goro thrusts players into a land of primordial wonder where ancient elementals, lethal flora, and fierce predators have roamed since the dawn of time. Being an apex predator in such an unforgiving ecosystem has its benefits—the crater’s dinosaurs have learned to adapt to any threat. Adapting allows a minion to take on new properties or powers to better deal with their prey, so don’t let your guard down! As an enticement for those brave or curious enough to venture deep into Un’Goro, a mysterious new bounty awaits: Quest cards. These Legendary spells will always appear in the player’s starting hand, and—once their requirements are met—grant incredible rewards.”

The update is available now for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Journey to Un’Goro packs can be purchased as per usual, or players can earn them as quest rewards or prizes in Arena mode. Get out there and start putting together your new decks. But first, checkout the new trailer breaking everything down below.

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