GTA Online

You’ve been a solid player in the Los Santos crime syndicate for a while now. You’ve put in your time, you’ve paid your dues. Now, it’s time to recoup. It’s time to take what is rightfully yours. And in with the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony add-on coming to GTA Online, you’re poised to do just that.

Rockstar writes on their blog that “ever since you first stepped off that flight to Los Santos, it’s been all about rising up the criminal ranks, accruing wealth in your Maze Bank account, building a reputation, and taking no mess along the way… Now, realize your goal to become the ultimate kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County.”

They then continue with the details: “Build an empire as a CEO. Traffic illicit cargo and contraband. Disrupt rival supply chains. Acquire extravagant new vehicles. Open prestigious new offices. Hire an executive assistant. And run the town, one hostile takeover at a time.”

It’s typical GTA Online fare, really. More chaotic and insane missions that will hopefully net you a few more bucks in earnings so you can buy that sweet new car, plane or yacht. The new trailer shows off a bit of what we can expect in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, which drops on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 7th. Catch a glimpse of it just below, and get your crew back together to further cement your stranglehold on Los Santos.

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