Homefront: The Revolution

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are ready to reveal a little secret behind Homefront: The Revolution. If you want to overthrow the Greater Korean Republic and take back your city – you need the people behind you. Thus is the crux of “Hearts and Minds 101”, the latest trailer for the first-person shooter that is just about a month out.

We’ve previously detailed how Homefront: The Revolution revolves around three types of settings: Red Zones that are still primarily in control of the Philadelphia citizens. Yellow Zones that are still in control of the GKR, yet have a strong uprising presence. And Green Zones that are essentially “fortresses” controlled by the NORKs. In the below trailer, we’ve treated as the green guerilla soldiers that we are and get a 101 on how to take the city back.

It’s impressive to see how your interactions within the game can completely warp the feel of the city. As you fight off NORKs in the Red Zone and take more real estate, you’re growing strength is visibly seen. The same is true as you take back more of the Yellow Zone, and eventually the Green Zone too. The trailer does a great job of visualizing your efforts. Give it a gander below:

The studio has also announced today what they call the “Merits” program for the game. Deep Silver explains that “anyone can simply go to and begin earning Merits by completing missions on the site to dive deeper into the lore of the universe. Each Merit earned unlocks a corresponding piece of Combat Gear from the Red Rebel set, which can be used to customize your co-op character in Resistance Mode.”

Once you’ve earned Merits, you can access them in-game by linking your Homefront profile with your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam Account. There are currently 7 Merits available to earn as of now, with more coming between now and the launch of Homefront: The Revolution on May 17th.

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