Star Fox Zero

We’re just one month away from the release of Star Fox Zero, the first console entry in the series in over a decade. The game has had a bit of a tumultuous ride through development, probably being shown off a tad early and getting blasted for its lackluster visuals. But Nintendo has been cranking away, and the game – again a month out from release – finally looks to be in good shape.

To further the hype train for one of the Wii U’s swansongs in 2016, Nintendo UK has published an awesome trailer today celebrating the history of the Star Fox series. We go from 1993’s Star Fox, all the way to up to next month’s Star Fox Zero. The trailer doesn’t just rehash clips from the older titles though. Instead, the five minute trailer actually modifies the view from those previous games and makes it look as Star Fox Zero does with its Wii U Gamepad cockpit camera. It’s a nice touch.

Take a peak below and get a glimpse of the Star Fox series within the scheme of Nintendo’s upcoming entry. Star Fox Zero releases on April 22nd.

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